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The Big List of Open Source Cloud Tools

A curated list of open source Cloud Tools.  Updates?  Requests?

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – Networks, processing and Storage on the Web


Amazon EC2, Cloud.comGoogle Compute, Microsoft AzureRackspace Cloud, Terremark,

Bundles: Nimbus, Eucalyptus, CloudStack,

Key components:

Virtual Machine Management/Hypervisors :  Ganeti, KVMlguest, OpenNebula, OpenVZ, XenQEMUVirtualBox,

Storage:  Amazon Glacier, ceph, DuraCloud, OpenStack Storage, OwnCloudSheepdog,  Syncany,

Firewalls / Security: ModSecurity, PacketFence, SmoothwallExpress, TrueCrypt, untangle,

Network / VLAN Managers :  Hyperic, Nagios, NetXMSOpenNMS, ZenOSS,

Load Balancers/Clusters Managers:   Balance, CrossRoadsLinux HA, LVSPen, PoundRed Hat HA, Riverdrums, UltraMonkey, Zen Load Balancer,

Platform as a service (PaaS)  – bundled operating systems, application environment, database, and web servers.

Providers – Cloud Foundry, DataStaxEngineYardGoogle App Engine, HerokuMapR, Mendix, Microsoft Azure, OrangeScape.

Software as a service (SaaS) – user access to application resources on one or more scalable virtual machines

SaaS Providers: Drupal GardensGoogle Apps,